Fable is a modular robotic system with advanced features that can be used in various subjects and classes. It helps children from 8 years of age to acquire the skills needed in the 21st century.


Shape directly encourages creativity and innovative practices. It is necessary to control at least the basics of Blockly to program it, but the program can also be built using the Python programming language.

 Ideal for children from 8 years

Fable offers a number of options to assemble the modules together and use them in the classroom. While programming, children can practice the knowledge of angles, percentages, functions, and other areas of mathematics, and its motors and precision sensors are ideal for physical experiments with force and motion.

You can program Fable wirelessly using a PC or Mac interface and a USB dongle, or download the app to your tablet or smartphone and choose your difficulty – Simple Blockly, Advanced Blockly, and Python programming.

The Fable robot has a range of tutorials and materials that can be used in a variety of subjects, such as introduction to programming, computer science, science and technology, or engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects).

 Rechargeable batteries

The Fable is equipped with a built-in battery that you can easily charge using the included USB cable.

 Robot with unlimited possibilities

Fable itself does not hide any sensors, but it is enough to connect to it via a smartphone or tablet with Fable Face installed and suddenly turns into an interactive robot with unlimited capabilities, including social ones.

With the help of algorithms you can control and visualize the eyes of the robot, use the phone accelerometer to move or camera. With text-to-speech, Fable even speaks.

 Bluetooth technology

Fable can be controlled by PC with USB dongle, or in the application in smartphone and tablet, therefore the robot is equipped with Bluetooth.

 Programming with blocks or text method

You can program Fable either in front of a laptop or desktop computer or in an application connected via Bluetooth.

Three levels of difficulty allow children to gradually develop their programming skills. Both beginners (using the simple Blockly method) and advanced students (using Blockly with mathematical functions, variables and logic) as well as those who are already able to write their own program in Python can be programmed.

Fable also offers the possibility to process data from experiments into graphs, which you can save for later analysis, eg. in MS Excel.

 Diverse accessories and options

Fable can be composed of three types of modules – functional, building and extension. Each of them brings with it a number of possibilities to complement the robot and learn something new.

You will find a range of accessories in the basic kit so you can start experimenting immediately. Except articulated module with two powerful servo motors, a USB dongle and a smart phone holder (useful when using the Face App), it has a 4XY building module, accessory module and more to connect 3D models that you can print yourself if you have 3D printer.

With a catapult, laser pointer, maze and other accessories, children can not only enjoy fun, but can also use them to teach many subjects.

If you want to equip the class with Fable, you can choose one of the prepared class sets.

 Fable application

You can program the Fable via Windows, Mac, Chrome laptops or desktop computers, or via the Fable Blockly app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Both versions offer the possibility of programming in Blockly or Python language, into which any block program can be translated and edited and extended.

For smartphones, you can also download the Fable Face application, with which children can build interactive “social” robots, experiment with algorithms, control and visualize the robot's eyes, or use the phone's accelerometer.

Fable also supports text-to-speech function that allows it to speak, and computer vision through a camera that allows students to create advanced social robots, making Fable unique.

The applications are free to download.