Dash is a smart robot that can interact interactively with its surroundings or follow precisely the specified commands.


It enables children from the age of 6 to gain experience in the basics of programming in an entertaining and playful way, and further develops its logical thinking.

 Ideal for children from 6 years

Dash is equipped with lots of sensors and abilities – it can move, dance, flicker, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even respond to voice, so it's not just an interactive aid, but a real partner.

With Dash, you can enjoy entertainment through several free apps where kids can choose from a range of programming adventures and projects to build confidence and self-reliance on programming.

 Rechargeable batteries

The Dash has a built-in battery that you can easily charge using the included USB cable.

When fully charged, the robot lasts approximately 3 hours of use. If the battery is completely discharged, it may take up to an hour to fully charge.

 Robot which flashes, sings and dances

Thanks to a number of sensors, Dash can interact interactively with stimuli in its vicinity or other robots within the range of the infrared sensor. Just ignore it for a moment and immediately remind you by sound, flashing LEDs or start dancing and turning your head. In order to avoid any unforeseen behavior, it is equipped with proximity sensors that detect any obstacles in its path in time.

The microphone and speaker allow children to program Dash to respond to voice or record their own sounds.

 Bluetooth technology

Dash is controlled via the app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, so it's of course equipped with Bluetooth technology.

 Simply programming by drawing or assembling blocks

Program Dash can handle children from 6 years, even if they haven't reading skils or don't know the basics of programming. It is possible to use one of two aplications in which commands are entered by drawing and composing pictures.

For the more skilled chilren, it is better to use the simple Blockly method with commands in blocks that fit together as a jigsaw puzzle. In performing playful tasks and playing games, children quickly learn not only the basics but also sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, more advanced operations and variables.

Diverse accessories and options

Even more fun with Dash, you can also take advantage of a variety of extension packages and additional accessories.

Turn him into a musician and teach him to play a xylophone melody in Xylo app, or practice aiming and logical thinking when shooting balls on a target with the help of a catapult.

 Application for Dash robots

For anyone who just getting to meet Dash, the Go app is ideal. You will learn everything you need about how to control and set up this little robot.

With Wonder and Path applications, you can start controlling the robot with a simple drawing and pictures method and prepare fun tasks for Dash. For those who want to learn real programming, Blockly application is ideal. This method consists of individual commands in colored blocks that fit together or do not fit (if they are inconsistent).

The applications are free to download and are available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Chrome and Windows operating systems.

For iOS devices, is also available Swift Playgrounds application as an introduction to beginners' programming.