SC 2080S

SC 2080S

Advanced scientific calculator SC 2080S performs 417 built-in functions including system of linear equations, matrix and vector calculations, numeric derivative and integral, metric conversions and physical constants. Large dot matrix display makes it possible to write and display expressions as on paper, dual power saves the backup battery and sturdy plastic cover protects the calculator against scratches and falls.

SC 2080S


  • Built-In Functions: 417
  • Entry System: Algebraic (D.A.L.)
  • Power Source: Solar & Battery
  • Dimensions and Weight: 162 × 82 × 18 mm, 129 g

Mathematical Functions

  • Fractions
  • Function Table
  • Equation Solver (Newton)
  • System of Linear Equations
  • Matrix and Vector Calculations
  • Numeric Derivative and Integral
  • Complex Number Calculation


  • 1-Variable Statistics
  • 2-Variable Statistics
  • Regression Calculations
  • Mean, Standard Deviation
  • nCr, nPr, n!
  • Random Numbers

Number Systems

  • Number Systems: DEC, BIN, OCT, HEX, PEN
  • Logical Operation (AND, OR, NOT, NEG, XOR)


  • Multi-Line Playback
  • Last Answer Recall (ANS)
  • Memory Variables: 9

Notation and Decimal Places

  • FSE Display (SCI, FIX, ENG)

Trigonometric Functions

  • DEG/RAD/GRAD Modes
  • Sin, Cos, Tan and Inverses
  • Hyperbolic Functions
  • Sexagesimal and Decimal Conversions
  • Rectangular and Polar Coordinates Conversions

Scientific Functions

  • Metric Conversions
  • Physical Constants